Each light is handcrafted
in my studio and each optical system is designed to properly light your painting using various lamp beam distributions, and each lens is etched to match your paintings requirements.

Lighting the art work evenly from top to bottom. The narrow rectangular beam drives the light to the bottom of the art work.
The housing is 2.5" tall and can be designed to be mounted to the top or bottom of a painting. The light can also be mounted directly to the wall or to the frame, I will need to know if your frame is not flat on the back before fabrication begins. Click here to see my various mounting arms, both the adjustable and fixed models are really slim and clean looking.  Custom arm shapes to match you frame no problem.
The optical system is designed to evenly light your entire painting from top to bottom.
The rectangular beam pattern is produced by very low wattage halogen lamps located 8-9 inches on center.

4 Lamp 30" in Gold Metallic.

2 Lamp 12" in Gold Metallic.

Each lamp uses a dicroic heat filter and the my new UV filter (better than Optivex "right" ) to block harmful ultra violet light below 400 nanometers. My new filter is also color corrected to match a standard halogen Par 30 lamp but without the heat.


I also have a mantle mounted version and can be made for each size for $50.00 additional charge. The light can have bracket shown below (12" and smaller)  or a thin machined aluminum mount. They normally are used to light artwork over a fireplace mantle. This works best when art is mounted low.  I will need to confirm mantle depth and painting height above mantle.  


David :   I received the mantel light yesterday. It is fantastic ... lights the picture beautifully. I can finally enjoy the picture after months of it hanging in the dark. Thank you again,  P.A. Tyler, Texas

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