What size light for your painting?

In most cases you will need a light that is 6-12" narrower than the width of the canvas however sometimes the composition of your art may allow a smaller light. For example if your painting is a portrait surrounded by a very dark field of color, it maybe better to only light the center portion of the painting and not the entire canvas.

When you Email me your canvas and frame measurements and a photo of your art and I will let you know my recommendations of size and optics to properly light your art and I will guarrentee that you will be happy with the light or you can return it.
The light normally mounts directly to the frame, If your frame is non standard, I can build custom brackets to fit your frame usually at no additional charge. I can also supply you with wall mounted arms and adjustable arms if required.

Why so many sizes?

It would be nice to only make one light that would light all sizes of art but I found the wider the painting, the wider the light needs to be. Think about it "More surface - More Light? Some manufacturers claim one size fits all. I have bought lights from most of the manufacturers and would be happy to send photographs of theirs and mine for a side by side comparision. One more caution, make sure the lights you are purchasing are UL safety tested and meet your local code requirements. My Masterpiece Series® and Gallery Series® have been tested and are a listed product by UL. 

Tell me about your art.

Each one of my lights are built for each painting so I will need measurements and photographs. The lights arm lengths and the lenses are all custom etched. I have 15 standard lengths of housings but build custom lengths for anything longer than 96"

Before I can build your light, I need to know some information about your paintings.

1. What is the canvas width and height?

2. What is frames overall width and height? As well I need the thickness of the frame. Is the canvas pushed forward in the frame?

3. A photo will tell me more than most people can describe so normally at least two photos. I need a couple of the front showing the art and the frame, Take a photo with your hand next to the frame so I can see the true color. Take another one from a 30-45 degree angle for both back and front. It will show me the thickness of the frame and the relationship of the front surface of the art. They will also show the construction of the frame and the space where the mounting bracket will go. If you can't get a photo of the back I will need for you to slip your hand behind the frame to confirm that the black is flat and nothing is sticking out.

I will send back a price quote with recommended size, color and mounting arms and clear up any questions.

Fabrication usually takes less than a week depending on the size of the orders.

Email me your photos or call me so we can discuss your lighting needs.

Email:  David.Munson@FineArtLight.com   or call 314-369-3913

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Fabrication lead time normally isonly 1 week

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