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Fine Art Light chosen to light up Carnegie Hall

December 5, 2007. In the Composers Gallery at Carnegie Hall, New York, from left: Sanford I. Weill, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Carnegie Hall, artist John Howard Sanden, and Sir Clive Gillinson, Executive and Artistic Director of Carnegie Hall




  Photos from client's in Colorado




 Hello David,

Thanks again for all your assistance and for working with our Electric Shop to expedite and deliver the portrait lighting. 

Everyone is impressed with the lighting and feel that the paintings have come to life.  The portraits are making school headlines. (article on right)

Thank you,

Elena S. Rosas

Original request below


 I would like to request your assistance for lighting two additional donor paintings. I have attached photos of the "niche" where these two paintings will be housed. They will be behind glass like our last painting. The measurements for the niche are 6-1/2" deep x 32" wide x 41" high.

Also note that the outlet box is installed at the top of the niche; do you foresee a problem with that? I would like to match the fixture previously purchased since these portraits are located in the same corridor. I look forward to working with you again.

Thank you,

Elena S. Rosas
Construction Project Manager
Northwestern University Facilities Management Operations
710 North Lake Shore Drive, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60611




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(Reprinted with permission from the Web site of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine)




Hi David .. 

Project Complete !!!

Enclosed are several photos starting with Mary, Michael and I visiting with Peter Max at his studio in NYC as he put the final touches on the Liberty Head painting. We commissioned Peter Max to paint this for us. Mary had a cetratin pallete of colors she wanted and Peter was most gracious in working with us to accomodate our request. It was never about buying a painting it was always about the experience of acquiring a painting. It started with us commissioning Peter Max to paint us a Liberty Head and then visiting with him for the finale.

Once we had the painting home our next challenge was to find a lighting systen that would properly display our new prized posession. Mary and I are so appreciative to you for laboring over the details to create the perfect lighting scenario for this pop art masterpiece. Your installation instructions was perfect and easy to follow. Thanks!!! Thanks!!!

Well until we save up a enough money to acquire some more great art .. Regards ..

Steve Roma, Sr.        Chief Executive WOW!zer




New "Gallery Series"
Lighting Posters in Mickey's PhilharMagic Theater Entrance
in Florida's #1 Theme Park



 True to your promise, the package just arrived. It was a snap to attach. I covered it up with a big sheet, so it was not really "hidden". Nonetheless, my wife loved opening it on Christmas day and was really pleased with the results. The proof is that I often find she has turned it on at night to enjoy the picture longer. I will also measure up and get you the dimensions/pictures of two more pictures we are ready to light up.
Ted B.

96" light for a 10 ft wide x 7 ft tall painting.
       Worlds Largest Picture Light?

Not anymore. 
I built an 13 footer for a Tapestry in California. (15' wide 110" tall)





David, the picture light is great. Of course we are delighted with the light, but what I especially love is the unobtrusiveness (is that a word?) of the black housing and the custom arms. It is almost invisible against the picture frame. This solution is perfect .and we are delighted with the results and with the process of working with you. We have several friends in the interior design field and will pass along information about you

Thank you so much.

Ilene Adam



This painting is mounted very high on the wall and is an early style light with dimmer on face plate.  New housing hides lens better and dimmer knob is located on back. New improved optics provides smoother lighting distribution from top to bottom.  So you ask why do I show an old light?  the painting was so dark that the nun behind the door was not visible before installing my light.




Renior Pastel

I am thoroughly delighted by your superb product. There is not another frame light that is even remotely competitive. And I greatly appreciate your prompt, meticulous, and courteous service.

John Hagelin, Ph.D.


1.5" thick canvas with no frame

Yes, the original painted in 1776

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