The Only Safe Fine Art Lighting Solution With
Both IR Heat and UV Filters.
US Patent No. 6,916,107 July 12, 2005



My name is David Munson and I invented the original "Fine Art Light".

Each "FineArtLight" is custom built for you and your art. Trade prices on my lights start at under $350.00

That means they will perfectly light your art evenly left to right-top to bottom with "No damaging heat or UV"
Each light has a built-in dimmer so you can adjust the perfect lighting level ....
Custom optics designed for your art, with the proper arm length, and each mounting bracket is built
to fit your frame and the housing is painted to match the color of your frame.

Do you need more reasons why my lights are the best?
1. My lights have a 100% Satisfaction Return Policy and are hand built by myself in St. Louis, MO, USA
2. My lights were approved by Underwriters Laboratories and are safety rated for use in the U.S. and Canada
3. I am proud to say that I have replaced all of the other lights on the market because even my clients say they don't work like they were advertised.
Read one of my latest client endorsement,

See my new NoMoreWires system for hanging large heavey frames,

WIFI Control Now Available

Call or email me and lets discuss lighting your fine art.

David L. Munson

22" 3 lamp Masterpiece Series® on 54" x 30" Canvas

I mounted the light today and am very happy with the result.
The light brings the painting back to life and I am very pleased
that it provides light for the WHOLE canvas and not just the top
8th or so like so many of these lights that I have seen.

I will certainly encourage all of my clients to use one of your lights
as they are the best I have seen and also thank you also for making
and sending it so quickly.

I am attaching before and after pictures of the painting that you
are welcome to use on your website if you would like.

Thanks again,

Carter Laney
Portraits in Oil

 Designed to protect your fine art investment with a patented system with filters
to block damaging heat and all harmful ultra violet light, meets the strict requirements and guidelines
of the Museum Lighting Committee of the IESNA

 "The Worlds Finest Picture Light for Paintings up to 13 Feet Wide"  

We Also Make "Book Case Lighting" and "Wine Rack Lighting" and Under Shelf Cabinet Lights

Bookcase, Book Case and Undercounter Lighting

We Also Make "Easel Lights" for Display and Artists

Easel Lights
new  Security/Mounting Hardware
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