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I advertise that my lighting products are made in the US. However only two componets (my electronic transformer and my MR-11 lamps) and some of the tools used in the manufacturing process are not made in the USA.  I never skimp on cost and I believe that I always use the finest components available.  If someone is the US is willing to make them and meet my quality expectations, call me and we can talk.

Over the past years, I have noticed many US based suppliers have moved their manufacturing facilities to offshore locations or purchasing from other countries where labor rates are less.  I also recently have also noticed many white collar jobs heading the same direction.

In the past I have purchased some tools and machinery built offshore simply because it was cheaper than the US made products and probably should have have been more concerned of with the quality or "real value" of the product.  The real value is not only the life cycle "quality vrs. dollar cost, but also the impact on the US economy. 

Last year the congress passed some tax breaks for small business's and I decided to help out the US economy and purchase a Cherolet Avalance truck for my bussiness.  I love the truck, however I found out it is made in Mexico.  I was a little miffed but recently had phone call from a GM call center that originated in India.  I now started to realize that I needed to be a little smarter in my purchases.

In the 1st week of February, I decided that I was just getting ready to hire a commerical printer to print my color catalog and flyers but found out that the minimum quantity to be cost effective would result in out of date information before I used all of the material and in the end not be cost effective.

One night I met a Xerox sales rep who told me about their new solid ink printer that would allow me to print high quality catalogs and be very cost effective with low quantities.

I spent the weekend researching the product and understood that not only was the product perfect for my needs but it was designed and built in the US.

Early Monday morning I went to the local Xerox dealer, plugged in my laptop, pressed the print button and in less than 10 seconds the full color catalog page printed.   I was so impressed with the quality that I made the deal in less than 10 minutes and wrote them a check.

When I got home I was surprised and dissapointed to find that all of the printed instructions in the box were printed in Malasia.  How could a company who makes printers in the US, not print their literature on their own printers here in the US?   I realise that they are a world wide company and sell products all over the world but are they telling me something in this unwritten message?

I emailed a few people about this and I recieved a phone call yesterday from one of Xerox senoir managment team who told me that they were seriously looking at this issue.  He said that the company was very concerned with "Made in America" statements  and were now looking at which products were made in the US and which parts in that product were made in the US.

My hats off to Xerox for listening and for seriously looking at the issue. If they decide to change their supplier to someone in the US, that would be wonderful, however just having them do the same evaluation as I do is a start in the right direction.  

The printer is first class and by far the best investment I have ever made in printers.

I will always use the "best value" suppliers for my tools and parts in my products and will always support american business's who share my values.

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