Custom Work:

Wine Cave Lighting??????

Yes that is what I said when a lighting designer wanted to use my bookcase light to light a 24" wide, 9 foot tall rack of wine bottles.  They loved the idea of no heat and no UV to damage the wine.  I quickly built a sample in flat bronze (Shown Below) and sent it for designer and client approval.  It was exacly what they wanted.  They then ordered 26 more. Obviosly it is a very large wine cave.


Bookcase Lighting 


This is a wall mounted 2 lamp 12" model. Color matched the dark grey hardware sent by client.  Final project had seven units. Cost was around $450. each.Straight arm versions with flat backplates are around $ 315.00 each.   I also can make them with out the backplate and with an adjustable arm. I also had built them with a cast arm which is $100 additional.

Architectural drawings of floor to ceiling bookcases.

Mantle Mounted Picture Lights


Mantle Mounted lights come with with built in transformer and dimmer.



  Mantle mounts can be made with various bases and also a shield for reducing light below a painting.


This is a single lamp 4" remote plug in transformer unit.

How do you light two small paintings stacked with only one outlet in Chicago?

Two lights mounted on one painting and bottom light lights the painting below!

One dimmer on the lower light controls both lights.

Here is a lighted statue mount built for one of my clients in New York.
They are very sturdy and will hold statutes up to 50 lbs. They can mount over an recessed outlet and have a full range dimmer.



Here is a copper fountain built for a very special lady.

Looks like polished brass ... clear yellow over polished aluminum.    

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