Art Lighting Advice by David Munson

Over the past 30 years, I have designed many architectural lighting solutions for museums, exhibits, commercial and residential projects with some wonderful art collections.  

I have lots of experience with recessed solutions, accent lights, wall washers, picture lights, architectural hidden track systems and framing projectors, both recessed and surface mounted.

Good lighting design can really make a difference.

While there are many good lighting products out there are others that won't really work the way the seller says.  I have seen almost every lighting product made and understand how they really work.

Seeing is believing and spending lots of money on a poorly design project or product can be avoided.

Ask any of my clients, my designs have the right balance of light, not too dark, not too bright.  I design practical and reasonable solutions, using reliable products that can be easily maintained and am honest about about the realities.   

Even if you are not going to use my products call me and lets review your art lighting project. I can give a free 5 minute review or design you a complete unique lighting system.

Call me and say the following words...." I'm calling for your 5 minute review"......

Or ..... I have the following Question...

How do I light my painting?

What is the best picture light?

How do I light my artwork?

What light will protect my painting?

How do I protect my paintings from daylight?

Will LED lights damage my artwork?

Are LED lights safe for my paintings?

What is "Blue Light Hazzard" ?

How do I light my bookcase?

Art light without heat?

What size of light do I need for my art?

What size of art light do I need for my painting?

How do I light a tapestry?

How do I get museum quality lighting?

Do you light Museum's?


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